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Why he doesn’t introduce you to his family ?

Tuesday, May 3rd 2011. | Relationship Tips

After quiet long times establish a serious relationship with a man, of course you want to be introduced to his family and indicates that your relationship with him is serious. But unfortunately your wish seems will never come through, he never discusses about his family, and when you try to ask him, he will give many excuses why he doesn’t bring you to his family yet. These following things are some reasons why man is not ready to bring his girlfriend to his family:

1. Too Fast
For a man, brings girlfriend to his family is not as easy as to choose lunch place for you and him. He needs more than three months or even more than a year to decide whether you are an appropriate girl to be brought to his family or not. It doesn’t mean that he is not serious in developing the relation, but he doesn’t want if this relation moves too fast till he has to involve his family.

2. You are not his parent’s type
It feels hurt, but he really knows what kind of woman that his parent wants, so when he thinks that you are not the ideal type of his parent’s, he will think twice to bring you meet his family. Than make you feel uncomfortable, better he postpones your meeting with his parent until he is sure that you can be received by his family.

3. He is not sure yet
To be a girlfriend is not always suitable to be his future wife, indeed he loves you, but the problem is he is not sure yet whether you are the right soul mate for him or not. He doesn’t want to be considered as a womanizer just because he often brings different woman to his family. If he has felt sure with his choice, without being asked, he definitely will bring you to meet his family.

4. Feels shame
Without being realized, possibly he hides his feeling to you. He is afraid if you will leave him after you know about his family’s condition. He feels that he is not good enough for you. For this case, you have to convince him that you will take his family just like the way they are.

5. He is not serious
Not all men make relation with good intention, possibly he just wants to spend his spare time or just wants to get status that ‘he is not desperate for woman’. If a man is not serious in maintaining a relationship, he won’t bring a woman to his family.

6. Too busy.
During this time he is always busy with his job, even he only has little time to spend with you. This kind of man needs your understanding to give him time till he completes all of his job, then when he has spare time, he will bring you to meet his family. But in many cases, unfortunately this kind of man doesn’t even know when his job will completely finish.

7. Has problems with his parent
Unfortunately he has problem with his parent, so it’s hard to make him brings you to meet his family. He wants to live separates from his family, he feels that he can overcome all problems without involve his parent, including his relation with you.

8. Afraid if you will be interrogated
Based on his previous experiences, his parent will always interrogate every girls who came to his house. This time he doesn’t want to make his girlfriend feels uncomfortable and at the end will influence his relation with her. That’s why he tries to postpone your meeting with his parent until he’s sure that you are ready to meet his parent.

9. Afraid if his status will be revealed
He introduce himself as a single man, in fact he already has a wife and children, by keeping you away from his family, his secret will never been revealed.

10. He is not sure with your feeling
You never tell about your personal life with him, there are no serious discussions that refers to long-term relation, so he feels hesitant to ask you to meet his family.

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