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Some reasons why he doesn’t say ‘I Love You’

Sunday, April 24th 2011. | Relationship Tips

1. He is not a romantic type
This man doesn’t think that saying beautiful words to woman is something important to do. Even he is wondering why people like to say romantic words, because for him it’s only ordinary series of words. He doesn’t realize that by saying ‘I Love You’ can give extraordinary feeling for you.

2. Over Confidence Man
He will not say ‘I Love You’ until you say it first, this kind of man usually is an over confidence man. Of course he will be glad if you reveal your feeling first, but he doesn’t feel that he has obligation to please you by saying ‘I Love You’ first.

3. He is afraid to be refused
It usually happens in the beginning of relationship when he starts to approach you. In this period, usually man still hesitant whether he needs to say his feeling or not. He is afraid if you don’t have the same feeling and then refuse him.

4. He is waiting for exact time.
How long have you established the relation with him, a month, a year, or even more? But unfortunately until now he never says ‘I Love You’. Maybe he is waiting for exact time, but unfortunately there’s no standard for ‘exact time’, only he and God who know when ‘the exact time’ is.

5. He is a shy guy
Maybe he really wants to say ‘I Love You’, but he feels ashamed to say that. For a shy guy it’s not easy to reveal his feeling to someone else. So for this case you can say your feeling first.

6. He is afraid of commitment
For man, saying ‘I Love You’ same with giving promise to enter serious stage of relationship, it means that he will face some new consequences and responsibilities. If that man feels that he isn’t ready to accept some consequences because of the relation, he won’t say ‘I Love You’ just like what you want.

7. He thinks that you know his feeling
As a person who always close to him, he thinks that you know about his feeling to you, and he doesn’t need to say it verbally. He feels that all of gestures and attitudes that he gives to you have been enough to show that he loves you.

8. He doesn’t want to look silly
Even the most genius person in the world will look silly when he is falling in love. As a man, he always wants to control everything, including his emotion. Maybe he doesn’t say ‘I Love You’ because he doesn’t want to look silly in front of you.

9. He is afraid that he can’t keep his promise.
For a man, his statement is his promise. He will not give any promise if he feels that he can’t do it. When he can’t keep the promise that he has said, it means that he is betraying himself.

10. He doesn’t want if you think that he is a womanizer.
There’s man who doesn’t like to say love words. For him saying ‘I Love You’ is the same with giving false promise. He doesn’t want if you think that he is a womanizer who easy to say ‘I Love You’ to many women. He prefers to show his love with his attitude rather than saying thousand love words.

11. He doesn’t love you
Yes of course it feels hurt, but maybe this is the most make sense reason compared with the other reasons. When someone is falling in love, he will try to reveal his feeling toward the woman he loves by saying ‘I Love You’. If he doesn’t love you, of course he wont’ say it to you.

12. There is another woman
During this time, you think that you are the only woman in his life, but unfortunately without realize there is another woman in his life besides you. No wonder why he never says he loves you, because he is hesitant which one he will choose.