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Negative thoughts can destroy your relationship

Wednesday, May 11th 2011. | Relationship Tips

1. You worry if he thinks you are too curbing his freedom
You worry if your boyfriend leaves you just because he feels that you are too curbing him. You begin to be too loose to him, every time he asks your opinion, you always say “it’s up to you honey”, with the aim to make him happy.
This way will precisely make your lover losing sympathy on you. Eventually, he will assume that you are a weak woman and not independent. He no longer feels challenged to win your heart because you easily hand over everything to him.
You don’t need to be afraid to say your opinion straightly. Most of men consider that smart women are sexier than submissive women.

2. You think he doesn’t care about you
You panic just because he doesn’t answer your phone, or doesn’t reply your sms. You think that he is angry or doesn’t care about you.
Not answer the phone usually is a way of woman to show if she is angry at someone, so when her boyfriend doesn’t answer the phone, she will immediately assume if he is angry to her or ignores her.
If you think logically there are many reasons why man doesn’t pick up the call, such as he is busy, he is in the middle of meeting, or he doesn’t hear the phone ring.
If he has a chance, he’ll call you back, but even if he doesn’t call you, you don’t need to panic, you can still keep yourself busy by doing your favorite activities so you don’t think too much about his call.
Every man has his own way to give attention to woman, not answering the phone does not mean that he doesn’t care about you, maybe he’d rather give attention in other ways than only answer the phone.

3. You don’t give him trust
You are always suspicious if he has another woman. You always ask the detail of his activities and even open his agenda, although he has tried to explain his activities, you still don’t believe him and think if he is covering up something.
Mistrust to the couple usually starts from mistrust to yourself, you consider that your lover is the most perfect guy in the world and you worry if there is another woman who’s trying to take him away from you.
Actually man is not a doll that can be taken easily, he can think and have feelings, if he really loves a woman, the presence of other women will not easily divert his attention from you.
If he is easily turned to another woman, it means he doesn’t really love you and you don’t need to keep him for your life, you deserve to get a better man.

4. You are afraid if you haven’t given enough attention to him.
By nature women are very fond of giving attentions to people they love especially for the lover. The reason is women often assess the quality of themselves from the quality of the relationships that they have. So no wonder if they attempt to give a lot of attentions to create good quality relationships.
This actually not becomes a problem if the portion of her attention is suitable with the attention that’s needed by her lover. But unfortunately, women are often excessive in this case, there are many women showing their attentions by sending lots of sms or calling their lovers for several times in a day. This action precisely makes men feel terrorized.
Actually, man still wants to feel free even though he has been committed with a woman, excessive attention can be felt as a burden and make him run away from you.

5. You are afraid to lose him
Today there are more and more men who are reluctant to establish serious commitment with a woman, especially for men who are chasing for higher career, so admitting that he is in a relationship with a woman is already advancement for his life.
It takes patience to make a man formalize the relationship in a marriage even though it is not an impossible thing. If you want him to marry you, make sure that it is not because you are afraid to lose him, because at the end your fear can turn to be a prison for him. So love him sincerely.