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The things men do when broken heart

Monday, May 23rd 2011. | Relationship Tips

Women always think that men have no feelings, they are not sensitive and don’t understand women’s feelings. Not even one-week broke up from his previous girlfriend, he has approached another woman. When you’re drowning into sadness because of broken heart, he’s just cool and playing games with his friends.

But is it true that men do not feel anything when the relationship doesn’t work?

Behind his coolness, men also feel sad when they are broken-hearted, sometimes even sadder than what women feel. However men have their own way to deal with heartbreak:

1. Hiding his feeling
The image of man who is always considered as a tough creature makes man prefers to hide his feeling when he is sad. He will try hard not to cry and keep his hurt feeling even though it feels painful.
Man can do his daily activities with his colleges without showing that he is upset because of broken heart. When facing a problem, man prefers to solve it by himself or with closest person in his life.

2. Choosing to silence
If a woman prefers to confide her feelings when she is broken heart, man will likely to do the opposite. Man prefers to remain silent so people will not realize if he is having a problem.

3. Lonely
Man is more closed in expressing his feelings, he might be laughing with his friends at club, but it’s not easy for man to share feelings with friends. Man can only share with the closest people in his life, one of them is his girlfriend, so when his girlfriend walks away from his life, he will lose someone to share, and he will feel very lonely, even lonelier than a woman.

4. Difficult to forget
Indeed man is easily to find another woman for dating, but actually it’s very difficult for man to forget the woman he loves, especially if you are a woman who can make him feel comfortable when he wants to share his feeling.

5. Crying silently
Don’t think man can’t cry, when man cries it means he is really hurt. But the difference is man doesn’t want others know if he is crying. It’s contrast to woman who can be freely weeping in front of her best friends when she is sad. Man doesn’t want to be perceived as a weak person, as hard as possible he will hold his tears, even though he wants to cry, he would prefer to cry alone in the room.

6. Divert attention
Actually woman is a lucky creature, when she is broken-hearted people around her will give lots of support to her. People will understand if she is crying, and even people will understand if she behaves annoying because of broken-hearted.
Man has to face different condition, would seem odd if he is sobbing in front of his friends just because of a woman, and if he’s being annoying, he has to deal with people who will pick a fight.
Therefore man prefers to silence and distract people’s attentions. He will tell the world that he is okay and not hurt at all.

7. Hang out with friends
The brotherhood between men is really strong. Don’t make him choose between you and his friends, because hang out with friends is the most powerful way to forget all problems, including problem of love.
When gather with friends, men like to talk about jobs, hobbies, and their future projects, and they only occasionally talk about women or their couples. Women like to do the opposite, they prefer to talk about men than jobs.

8. Doing a hobby
Besides hanging out with friends, doing a hobby is one of ways to divert his sadness. If he is a fan of games, he will play the game for hours and forget his problems. If he likes automotive, he will spend a lot of time to modify his favorite car.
Man actually realizes if the hobby can’t 100% eliminate his sadness, but at least he doesn’t feel lonely when he is doing his hobby.

9. Remove all memories
Because man has difficulty to forget the woman he loves, he will soon get rid of goods that can remind him to the past relationship. Another thing he will do is, doing things that were often prohibited by his former girlfriend, such as smoking, drinking and clubbing.

10. Dating another woman
Indeed man is easier to make a date with another woman even though he has recently broken up with his girlfriend. This is the way of man to show the world that he will not run out of women. He also wants to show you that he’s okay although you have left him.
However behind what he has done, actually it’s difficult for man to play with heart. Man is really able to make different between love and sex. Although he has been dating with many women, it’s not easy for man to find a woman he really loves and can make him feel comfortable. He will stop if only there’s a woman who can steal his heart.

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