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The meanings behind man’s hug

Friday, May 27th 2011. | Relationship Tips

When you are sad or lonely, the thing that comes into your mind is a warm hug from your lover. Hugging indeed has an amazing effect, and the effect will be bigger if someone you love who hugs you.

Hugging is a form of love that can strengthen the relationship between the couple. When his heart beating unites with yours, the love hormones will increase, this is what makes couples who often embrace have a good mood. Uniquely, the style of man’s hug has its own meaning; here are the meanings behind man’s hug:

1. Hugging by tapping into his chest
If he hugs you tightly, until your body pressed against his chest, that’s the sign if he wants an intimate relationship and he wants to be your protector. Man who likes to embrace with this style is usually a man who can be relied on and woman feels comfortable being around him.

2. Hugging from behind
There are some men who like to hug women from behind, either during sleeping or when cuddling. Man who likes to hug woman from behind usually really enjoys the feeling that occurs when he is doing physical contact with his lover.
This kind of man prefers to express his feelings through physical contact rather than expresses it verbally, so if you become his lover, you should be smart in reading his gestures.

3. Hugging by putting his head on your lap
This guy likes to hug his lover by putting his head on her lap. Man who likes to put his head on the lap of woman usually has sensitive feeling and he tries to find the comfort from his partner. This man will not hesitate to share his feelings and whatever he is thinking to his couple. He wants to make his couple happy and gives attention in erotic ways.

4. Embrace
This guy just likes to embrace or puts his hand on woman’s shoulder or waist. Usually a man who only considers a woman as friend will prefer to embrace her than hug her tightly.
If you believe that he loves you but he never gives warm hug to you, there’s possibility he has difficulty in expressing his feeling, and doesn’t know how to be more intimate with someone he loves.
If this happens to you and your spouse, then you should take the initiative first, don’t hesitate to embrace him warmly and show your feelings. Usually man will be more courageous to express his feeling when the woman has shown her feeling first.

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