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Some gestures that show if a man is interested in a woman (Part 1)

Wednesday, April 20th 2011. | Relationship Tips

Unconsciously, man will do certain gestures when he is interested in a woman, or meets with someone he likes. If a man shows half or more of these following signs, it is likely he is interested in you:

1. Tightening his tie or straightening his collar
If he’s tightening his tie, or straightening his collar and sleeves, this means that he wants to look good in front of the woman he likes.

2. Smoothing or shaping his hair with hands
When a man meets a woman he likes, he will smooth or shape his hair with hands. Depending on the haircut he has. He does it to look more attractive in front of her.

3. His lips slightly parted when he stares at the woman he likes
When a man sees a woman he likes, unconsciously his lips will be slightly parted.

4. Raising his eyebrows
When a man sees a woman who caught his attention, automatically he will raise his eyebrows. Raising eyebrows can open the eyes wider and make them catch the reflection clearer.
If a man raises his eyebrows when he stares at a woman, this could mean that he is interested at her since the first time he saw her and wants to see her more clearly.

5. His face looks ‘opened’
Wide opened eyes, rising eyebrows, and slightly parted lips will make his face looks opened. This face expression will give a friendly impression. It’s a sign that he wants to get to know her closer.

6. Trying to Steal Attention
When a man feels attracted to a woman, he will try to steal her attention. He may try to make jokes, buy a drink, ask for dance, or do other attractive attitudes. It’s all done to look more outstanding than other men. If he comes with other friends, he will split from them and appear as an individual.

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